Extend range and overcome signal obstructions to ensure reliable communication between multiple locations or a single site. Features vary from integrated data applications to analog-digital migration capabilities.

XPR 8400 / XPR 8380 REPEATER

Maximize the performance of your UHF, VHF or 800/900 MHz MOTOTRBO™ system with these repeaters.

Motorola XPR 8380 / XPR8400

Features At-A-Glance

  • 100% continuous duty at 40W/UHF, 45W/VHF and 35W/800 MHz.
  • Supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital TDMA mode.
  • Integrated power supply with connector for optional external DC battery backup.
  • Operates in analog or digital mode - bright, clear, colored LEDs indicate mode.
  • LEDs clearly indicate transmit and receive modes in both channel slots.
  • Rack- or wall-mountable - compatible with desktop housing as well.
  • Sturdy handles make installation and handling easier.

Additional Features

  • Automated battery back-up (battery sold separately)
  • Operates in UHF, VHF or 800/900 MHz frequency bands
  • 6.25e Compliant*
  • Dynamic mixed mode capability allows for automatic switching between analog and digital conventional modes
  • Repeater diagnostic and control software provides remote or local site monitoring
  • IP repeater programming uses Internet Protocol (IP) at a central location to complete programming changes and upgrades on remotely located repeaters



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